GZYUELIGHT originated from the banks of the Pearl River under the beautiful Baiyun Mountain and was founded by the founder Mr. SHIHUZHOU (Zhou Shihu). As a child, Mr. Zhou was from a poor family. He used to work in the trucking industry. He was often very tired from work. He dragged his tired body and liked to go to the dance hall on the street to listen to music quietly, take a break under the charming colorful lights, and relax. Relieve fatigue. Lying on the sofa and looking at the colorful halo, I came up with the idea of opening a stage lighting company to serve the public and let more people enjoy the fun of life. So I decided to give up the transportation industry to study in a professional company for two years, and mastered the full set of production processes. When there are many small and large workshops in the industry, Mr. Zhou, who has the ability to understand, adopts the mode of corporatization, branding, and technical service to provide a series of solutions for engineering companies. GZYUELIGHT lighting adopts the world's high-quality accessories suppliers, advanced testing equipment, and produces according to EU standards. It locates mid-to-high-end products and medium-priced products to meet the needs of a wide range of markets, and has won praise from customers at home and abroad.

Now the company owns: GZYUELIGHT, DTYL. Keep up with the times, innovate and develop.


Guangzhou Shengguang Stage Lighting and Audio Equipment Co., Ltd.

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